Main SOWI Diary Dates


March 17th

AGM and Vegan supper

April 21st

Claudine Cassar: County Emergency Planning Officer

May 19th

Peter Bennett-Jones: TV producer (and much more)


Amy Taylor: Tap Social

July 21st

Dr Ebony Escalona: "Not just a vet..."



September 15th

Al Sylvester: "Southern Reach"

October 20th

Members' Night (ie no committee input!)

November 17th

Paul Chan: Try Chinese Watercolour

December 15th

Christmas Celebration


January 19th


February 16th


March 16th



OTHER EVENTS For more information on these

events, contact a committee member or



25th March: Oxfordshire WI AGM with Tom Heap Oxford Town Hall*

2nd April: Speakers Selection Day,  Arncott*

15th April:  Indoor Bowls - Oxford*

20th April:   Day visit to Denman

21st April:  Resolutions Meeting  Horton-cum-Studley*

23rd April:  Matthew Arnold Group meeting


27th April:  Museum of London & Postal Museum trip*

28th April:  "When the dogs don't bark"  Benson*

7th May: SOWI visit to Ardley ERF

28th May: Royal Opera House - behind the scenes*

4th June:   National AGM   Royal Albert Hall**

9th June: Birmingham - a city of a thousand trades*

10th June: Birmingham - a city of a thousand trades*

(a choice of dates with different pick-up points)

9th September: Living the High Loaf - Shipton-under-Wychwood*

22-24th November:  Holiday to Chatsworth*

* Oxfordshire Federation event
** National Federation event


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