Adams, Horace

Private, 201471/4291, OBLI

Bayliss, Joseph

Private, 031820, No 18 Sect (Didcot) Army Ordnance Corps

Bellinger, Joseph Cyril John

Corporal, Y1st Trench Mortar Battery, Royal Field Artillery

Brocks, Archibald William

2nd Lieutenant, 3rd Cheshire Regiment attached to the 10th Battalion Devonshire Regiment

Brocks, Leslie Baden

Officer’s Steward 3rd class, HMS Superb, Royal Navy

Carter, Harry Hubert

Private, 29069, 7th, 1st Border Regiment

Chandler, George Henry

Lance-Corporal, 15928, 6th OBLI

Chandler, William Leonard

Private, S/9332, 9th Black Watch Royal Highlanders

Collins, Albert Percival

Lieutenant Corporal, 26336, 5th OBLI

Donohoe, William Edward, DCM

Corporal, 7452, OBLI

Eldridge, Thomas Henry

Corporal, Royal Garrison Artillery

Ferriman, James Charles

Private, OBLI


Greenstreet, Frederic George

Major, 105th Mahratta Light Infantry, British Indian Army

Hay, Alexander Macdonald

Royal Naval Air Service

Higgins, Harold Victor

Private, OBLI

Higgins, Wilfred Victor

Private, 302097, Rifleman 1st/5th Btn, City of London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade)

Hounslow, William

Private, Royal Warwickshire Regiment

King, John George

Lieutenant Corporal, Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment, formerly OBLI

Lee, Herbert George

Private, 3918, Welsh Guards

Mace, Frederick Earle

Private, 843, OBLI, 1st/4th Battalion

Martin, Charles

Corporal, 291924, 132nd (Oxford) Heavy Bty., Royal Garrison Artillery

Mitchell, Levi Edward

Private, 240409, 2nd/4th OBLI

Parsons, Reginald William

Gunner, 292638, 136th Heavy Battery, RGA


Quinion, Richard Cecil

Private, 1897, Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars


Sawyer, Horace A.

Private, OBLI

Shaw, Edward J.

Corporal, OBLI

Soundy, Frederick R.

Private, OBLI

Speaks, William J.

Private, OBLI

Webb, Frederick John

Private, 200459/2290, 5th, OBLI

Wharton, Frederick W.

Private, 30th, London Regiment

Williams, George H.

Private, 267483/20505, 2nd/4th OBLI

Woodley, Frederick Arthur

Private, 201415, 1/4 OBLI

Woodley, William John

Private, 202332, 1/4 OBLI